Airwar Legend Of OPS

About the Product

Download this Awesome 3d Flight Fighter Simulator game with unlimited levels for life long entertainment. You wont believe you will be amazed to see a 3d world with full of aircrafts and warships. The game offers you 5 fighter Pilots , each pilots have their own power to ride the air craft.You can get coins by destroy enemy jets and bombers and also you will get different type of powerups while flying. You will be challenged different shapes and devastating barrages. It also makes the game more interesting , more colorful 3d picture. Some Features Includes 1: Bose Fights 2: Tons of Missions to Complete 3: Ranking System 4: Unlock Power-ups 5: Store to select pilots and powers 6: Laser Aiming for Accurate Firing 7: Automatic Aircraft steel Repir 8: Plenty of Different Enemies 9: War Ship Fights 10: Helicopter Fights 11: War Ship Fights

Terms & Conditions

License Agreement The single app license allows the use of the purchased item in a project for either personal or commercial uses, without the payment of any further fees or charges after the initial download cost. The Single App License gives you the right to use the purchased items within 1 project of your own or on behalf of a client (commercial, personal, or non-profit). You or your client cannot offer the item up for resale either on its own or as part of a project. Items purchased under a single app license must not be redistributed or resold “as-is” or as part of any other collection of files. What you can do: You can integrate the component in 1 APP. You can be distribute it only as a binary only (You cannot distribute Source Code). Commercial use is allowed. You can customize the Source Code. You Can Sell the Game in Apptopia,but you must put this in the discription section of the listing that NOTE : The Buyer Wont get rights to sell Or Redistribute the source code,All Rights to NipsApp.The Game you are going to buy is for personal or company use only,you can modify the source code,but do not distribute the source code to any one. Even after sold/ purchased the games based on our source code on market places like Apptopia, We will continue to sell the source code . The buyer wont have any resell rights