Angry Police Hit

About the Product

  Hey watch out !!! This Angry Plice is Really Bad

Here\'s come the latest endless level game - Angry Police! Simply irresistible!

You\'ll be amazed and shocked at how this tiny Police walk and hit the enemy. With an aspiration to become the BEST bad Police, this bad Police is unafraid of anything .Beware of the obstacles

a) Purchase Store
b) Amazing Graphics
c) Endless gameplay
d) Free
e) Excellent Audio Effects

Fun and addictive game! Play this free game now!.

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  • 64 Bit Support
  • iOS 8
  • IPHONE 6 And 6 Plus Support
  • Applovin Integration
  • Chartboost Integration
  • Revmob Integration
  • Ready for iOS8!



  •  Purchase Store

  •  Amazing Graphics

  •  Endless gameplay

  •  Free

  •  Excellent Audio Effects


  • Purchase Store


  • Endless gameplay


  • Free


  • Excellent Audio Effects


  • iOS8 optimization!


Fun and addictive game! Play this free game now! i made this clone for making Reskins for my already existing clients and new Users.


  • Inapp Purchase

  • Store

Fun and addictive game! Play this free game now!

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Terms & Conditions

License Agreement The single app license allows the use of the purchased item in a project for either personal or commercial uses, without the payment of any further fees or charges after the initial download cost. The Single App License gives you the right to use the purchased items within 1 project of your own or on behalf of a client (commercial, personal, or non-profit). You or your client cannot offer the item up for resale either on its own or as part of a project. Items purchased under a single app license must not be redistributed or resold “as-is” or as part of any other collection of files. What you can do: You can integrate the component in 1 APP. You can be distribute it only as a binary only (You cannot distribute Source Code). Commercial use is allowed. You can customize the Source Code. You Can Sell the Game in Apptopia,but you must put this in the discription section of the listing that NOTE : The Buyer Wont get rights to sell Or Redistribute the source code,All Rights to NipsApp.The Game you are going to buy is for personal or company use only,you can modify the source code,but do not distribute the source code to any one. Even after sold/ purchased the games based on our source code on market places like Apptopia, We will continue to sell the source code . The buyer wont have any resell rights