Fruit SlingShots

About the Product

This fun free game charges you with the task of hitting as many Fruits as you can with rocks fired from a slingshot. You control your weapon by pulling back on the elastic with your finger then releasing. To aim higher and reach the Fruits that are furthest away. If you find the controls a little difficult at first then try the \'Practice\' mode, which makes things easier by showing you where the missile will go. 

You score points in Slingshot Fruits according to how much damage you do to the  Fruits and the distance that the Fruits is away from you. You can only progress to the next level once you\'ve filled the points meter at the top. There is enough variety between levels to keep Slingshot dead Fruits enjoyable for some time 

Overall though, Slingshot dead Fruits is an enjoyable and highly addictive game for wannabe rustlers of all ages

Code Features

ChartBoost Integrated
Applovin Integrated

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